About Northwest Beneficials

Northwest Beneficials produces, packages, and distributes beneficial organisms and beneficial products used for natural pest control.

NW Beneficials is built on the principles of family & a cultivating a healthy planet and future for generations to come. 

Holly Ford is the owner of NW Beneficials and she built the business with the help and hard work of her husband and family. Holly & Andrew started Northwest Beneficials with the help of her parents, Chris & Dawn Morris, in 2010.


Learn more about our live packaged ladybugs and how much you need.

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Praying Mantis

Praying mantis egg cases hold between 100 and 200 baby mantises.

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Ladybug Nectar

Our specially formulated beneficial insect nutritional supplement.

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Flea Exterminator

Control fleas naturally with our Flea Exterminator nematodes.

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