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Praying Mantis

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Praying Mantis are a great method of natural pest control for many unwanted pests. They range in color from pea green to brown. They are a predatory carnivore and mainly eat  other insects such as flies, moths, mosquitoes, cutworms and other plant eating pests. The juvenile mantises will hatch at the same time as their prey, making it easier for the mantis to control the pest insect populations as they all grow.

Eliminate Larger Plant Pests

- Flies
- Moths
- Grasshoppers
- Cutworms
- Caterpillars
- Crickets
- Locusts
- Mosquitoes
- Wasps

A package containing one egg case, which will produce 100-200 baby mantises.This is typically enough the average suburban yard.

For best results, place your praying mantis egg case outdoors. Hang them in a tree or place in the forks of a branch.  If you would like to see when the mantis have hatched, place the egg case in a paper bag, fold the top and close with a paper clip or clothes pin.  Place the bag on a window sill in direct sunlight.    Periodically open the bag carefully, when the mantis have hatched, take them outside immediately and sprinkle them in your garden.  Mantis typically hatch within 2-3 weeks.  

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Praying Mantis

Praying mantis egg cases hold between 100 and 200 baby mantises.

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